Machine for sealing oil filters

Realizacje Description

Scope of work:

  • Machine concept
  • Creating a model and documentation
  • Project coordination


It is a machine created for the needs of a large corporation producing oil filters. Its main drive is an indexing gear that performs rotary motion with fixed stops every 45 degrees. The gearbox has a table made of aluminum, equipped with 4 copper sockets with anodized aluminum inserts. On the first slot, the bottom ring is placed, which is fed by means of a pneumatic rotary gripper from the feeder of semi-finished products. In the next rotation, the second ring is applied with the same gripper as the lower ring. The next cycle involves welding two rings together using a spot welding machine. In the last slot, the finished product is picked and dropped onto the production line, which is run to the following parts of the production line.