Freshener production line

Realizacje Description

Scope of work:

  • Line concept
  • Finding Artists
  • Project coordination
  • Start

The production line consists of the following three parts:

Process Part

The first part is to prepare an intermediate in the form of a fragrance gel, which is the main component of the final product.

Dispensing / turning off

During this stage, the mass is poured into the mold, which then goes to the platinizing station where it is applied thin aluminum foil covered with glue, which is finally welded to the mold by means of a heater. The product thus prepared goes to the turning station where the upper part of the packaging is applied and screwed.


The curled product goes to the position of applying the sleeve label where the cut and the foil are applied. The product with applied film runs through the steam tunnel where the film shrinks. In the last stage, the finished product goes under the blower of the dryer in order to get rid of the remaining water created in the steam tunnel.

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