The room design is a special kind of room where people can live, sleep and socialize

It’s very useful to help the people in their daily life. Most of our ancestors lived in this type of rooms for a long time and made their lives more comfortable. Some people actually went through several generations living in this type of rooms. All these years they have worked hard to make sure there is enough space for them to live comfortably while keeping their environment clean and tidy without much trouble or inconvenience. But due to various factors such as climate changes, technology advancements and the influence of other people’s work demands, we are now facing a growing problem that needs immediate attention:

A room is a space that is used for living. A room can be a bedroom, kitchen, or even a basement or attic. A room can also be huge – a whole house! So, how do you decide what to put in your own room? What will it look like in the future?

At present, most bedrooms and bathrooms are designed with no consideration of privacy. Beds face each other and people generally sleep facing each other in beds. In future rooms will have individual windows with curtains to block out sunlight or privacy. You may not want to look at your sleeping partner because they are an intruder of sorts, but you may want to see what’s going on outside without disturbing them – by removing the curtains completely! So drape the curtains to the side so that you can see.

Room is designed to help you to design your home and its interiors from scratch. It collects pictures, information on furniture and colors of your house, and even takes you back in time when you were a child.