Room is a web-based room management application with several features

It is a room planning and design software that allows users to plan, design, and manage rooms as well as home, office and workplace.

A room is a physical place. It’s like a physical world to us. We can describe its structure, color, size and other properties through language and numbers.

In the following example, we describe the room of a house through words and numbers:

In the room, we find a lot of pieces of furniture that can be different. So, it is important to find the right set of bed, table and chairs for our home.

The first type are the rooms which are the common areas of your house. The second room is a room that you only use for certain activities.

Majority of our homes do not have even one bed and we usually sleep on the floor or in some corner of the room. This changes with time as new technologies come out and change our living style. This is why we need to learn how to use these tools effectively especially when sleeping on the floor, in a closet, or in a garage or basement!

Room is our personal space. It is a place that we can retreat to when we need to be away from the world and its distractions.

What makes room special, is that it is different for every person and every situation. In some cases, it may be a room with only one window and a bed in it, while in other circumstances it might be a spacious room with multiple windows, a pool table and various furnishings.

The article provides an introduction on how people look after their own space and how they view space as an extension of their body. It also discusses the typical furniture used in rooms, providing insights on what makes rooms so special to them.

This room is located in the main house with a bathroom, a bedroom, furniture and kids’ rooms.