Many people like to stay in their rooms

While others prefer to have a spacious living room or a comfortable kitchen.

It’s easy if you know where to look, but hard if you don’t know what you are looking for. For example, if you want a sofa that is in the living room and also has seating for four people in the study and dining room, which one do you choose? What other features would be important?

How do we get started with the room idea? What are the requirements? What makes a great room? How do we make our living space more beautiful, comfortable and functional?

Working regularly in a room can be boring. It’s hard to keep up with the routine and to stay organized.

The rooms that we live in are an integral part of our lives. We spend more than half of our time in them, and we use every inch of it. So it is of no surprise that rooms affect our moods and give us opportunities for relaxation or stress relief (Hinton, 2000). Rooms can also serve as an escape from daily pressures, but these psychological benefits are often overshadowed by the physical discomfort (Hinton, 2000). It is only through personal development that a person can really feel happy in his or her own space (Kurzban et al., 2009).